Heather Browning- Posture Therapist

Heather BrowningHeather Browning’s passion of all things healthy began at an early age after health class one day showed her how her then favorite foods could lead to a life of illness. Vowing then to never eat the school burrito again she began a journey to help people  see the “wealth in their own health.”

That interest led Heather Browning over the past 15 years  to assist clients reach their Physical and Rehabilitative goals as a Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist. One of her stops along this journey led her to The Egoscue University and the work of Pete Egoscue. Her specialty now is working with individuals in chronic pain due to postural dysfunctions, including: scoliosis, repetitive motion injuries, sports bio-mechanic ailments, and job related postural challenges. She also enjoys working with clients who are looking to improve their overall posture as a way of keeping their bodies healthy and strong.

Becoming a team member of Complete Health and Wellness has further allowed Heather’s clients to take advantage of all the other specialties at the center and increase their health to greater levels.

egoscue-university-logoShe is a Postural Alignment Specialist certified through the Egoscue University and a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Heather invites you to let her show you how improving your posture can improve your life and help you live PAIN FREE.